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Last updated: 21 December 2021


In 2018 there were an estimated 21.2 million people aged 12 or older who needed substance use treatment, per the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health by SAMHSA. When this number is broken down, it translates to 1 in 13 people who needed treatment, roughly 7.8% of Americans. The number of adolescents who needed treatment in 2018 was 1 in 26 aged 12 to 17. Over 15% of young adults or 1 in 7 young adults aged 18 to 25 needed treatment, and 1 in 14 adults aged 26 or older needed treatment for substance abuse. The number of adolescents in 2018 who needed treatment for substance was lower when compared to 2015 and 2016, and similar numbers were seen in 2017. The number of adults who needed substance abuse treatment in 2018 was identical to the numbers seen from 2015 to 2017.

In 2018 only 1.4% of Americans aged 12 or older received any form of substance use treatment in the past year. Roughly 0.9% of Americans or 2.4 million people received their substance use treatment from a specialty facility. Out of the number of people who needed substance use treatment in 2018, around 964,000 perceived a need for treatment. About 2 in 5 people who needed treatment and did not receive treatment were not ready to stop using drugs or alcohol. Roughly 1 in 3 Americans had health care coverage for drug rehab, and many more were not able to afford the cost of treatment.

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Addiction Treatment Resources Within the United States

Drug addiction is a common problem through every part of the United States, there are very few communities where this issue is not seen. Every year, more and more people become addicted to harmful drugs, and families are witnessed to the devastating effects. As the understanding of addiction continues to expand, so does the variety of addiction treatment resources and methods used to help those who are struggling with substance abuse.

Specialized Addiction Treatment Resources

Generally, when searching for drug and alcohol treatment, you will have something in mind but will come across countless avenues to search down. Some of the more specialized forms of drug treatment can involve programs for co-occurring disorders, or faith-based drug rehab. There are drug treatment centers who offer family services, such as treatment for pregnant women, or residential beds for a client's children. Addicts who are hearing impaired, or who require a program delivered in their first language, are also available. Resources for addiction also extend well into the preventative side, including drug intervention, or early prevention services. 

There is essentially an addiction treatment process for any type of substance abuse problem or addiction. This is what does make the rehabilitation process successful, looking at each individual addiction as being unique, and requiring generalized and specific treatment methods. It is always important for an addict to find the right type of treatment, and be comfortable within the program they are attending. There are addiction treatment resources to meet the needs of any addiction or drug problem, and finding the right one will ensure life-long sobriety can be possible.

If you are looking for a specific type of treatment, under every state, there are subcategories such as "State Financed" for no cost or low-cost treatment, "Medicaid" for treatment facilities that take Medicaid, "Adolescents" for underage teens, etc.

At any time you can always reach one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

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Marcel Gemme, DATS

Marcel Gemme, DATS


on December 21, 2021

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Marcel Gemme has been helping people struggling with addiction for over 19 years. He first started as an intake counselor for a drug rehabilitation center in 2000. During his 5 years as an intake counselor, he helped many addicts get the treatment they needed. He also dealt with the families and friends of those people; he saw first-hand how much strain addiction puts on a family and how it can tear relationships apart. With drug and alcohol problems constantly on the rise in the United States and Canada, he decided to use the Internet as a way to educate and help many more people in both those countries. This was 15 years ago. Since then, Marcel has built two of the largest websites in the U.S. and Canada which reach and help millions of people each year. He is an author and a leader in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. His main focus is threefold: education, prevention and rehabilitation. To this day, he still strives to be at the forefront of technology in order to help more and more people. He is a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist graduate with Honours of Stratford Career Institute. Marcel has also received a certificate from Harvard for completing a course entitled The Opioid Crisis in America and a certificate from The University of Adelaide for completing a course entitled AddictionX: Managing Addiction: A Framework for Succesful Treatment.



« My cousin went from an honor roll student with scholarships to 3 major colleges to a struggling functioning addict living on the streets. For years, the family did not know what to do to help Eric, so many just cut him off because all he did was act out violently when nobody gave him money to support his habit. I knew I needed to do something before this addiction stole his life completely. I called local shelters, hospitals and rehabs but none of them held him longer than a few days and all they did was basically make sure he stayed there long enough to collect a check. Eric was also at rock bottom because he lost his license, got fired, had to put his house up for foreclosure and needed to file bankruptcy because his addiction drained his accounts. I can’t even tell you how many rehabs he has been in and out of over the years but I do know that in these facilities, he was not getting the treatment or medical attention he needed so I started googling nationwide options when I came across I talked to a woman who has been getting individuals into treatment for years and she understood everything I was going through with my cousin Eric. She made some calls and got Eric into a long-term treatment center outside of state lines. At first, I was nervous it wouldn’t work because he has been in and out of treatment centers for as long as I can remember but after a month of him staying, I was really starting to gain hope that this was the miracle in action and perhaps he would actually quit this addiction and never look back. Eric told me that the center he was in helped him more in the first month he was there than all other rehabs he had been to over the last 6 years. I knew then I made the right decision contacting Not only did he learn new skills to cope with stress in order to avoid giving into the temptation of relapse, but he got the counseling he needed to understand why his addiction even started in the first place. I can tell that this long-term program has completely transformed him and basically brought him back to life! Eric has been sober for 7 months now and continues to work hard on staying sober. He enrolled into college and is working towards a degree in business administration. I want to give a special thanks to all those who helped Eric’s transition into sobriety. I am so glad I made that call to because without that call, who knows where my cousin would be. I believe everyone deserves a second chance and the woman who I spoke to did everything in her power to get Eric help and I can only imagine she puts forth the same effort and passion of helping others toward anyone who calls this site. Thank you so much! » - Ryan G. from Newcastle, WA